Hazletts of Wapella, De Witt Co, IL

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  Andrew B.C born 1821
  John Wilson IIIC born 22 Jan 1815, Jackson Co Tenn died 11 Mar 1897, Wapella Dewitt Co Ill
  Annc,c,c,c,p,P born 1628, England
  Philips,c,P born 1600, En died Sep 1685, VA
  I Sir Glendonwync,c,P born Abt 1378 died 1437, From Wounds Recieved During The 'Border Wars'.
  Elizabethc,c,P born Abt 1433
  Henryc,c,P born Abt 1375, Of Orkney, Scotland died 1 Feb 1420-1421
  William (Lord Sinclair)c,c,P born 1408 died 1480
  Elizabethc,c,P born 1763-1767, KY died 12 Sep 1836, Green Co., Kentucky
  Francisc,c,P born Abt 1701, VA died May 1766, VA
  Francisc,P born 1653, Essex County, Virginia died 1718, VA
  Francisc,c,P born 1630, England died Jul 1656, Essex County, Virginia
  JohnP born 1606, VA
  John (Col.)c,P born 1732, Essex County, Virginia died Abt 1790, Culpepper County, Kentucky
  Robertc,c,P born 1680, Essex County, Virginia died 5 Feb 1725, Essex County, Virginia
  Margaretc,c,P born Abt 1202, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland died Between 1233 and 1316
  Margaret (Countess)c,p,P born Abt 1370, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland died Abt 1456, Thrieve Castle, Galloway, Scotland
  Robert II (King Of Scotland)c,c,c,P born 2 Mar 1315-1316, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland died 19 Apr 1390, Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
  Robert III (King Of Sct, Earl Of Carr)c,c,P born 1337, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland died 4 Apr 1406, Rothsay Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
  Elizabethc,P born Abt 1732, VA died Abt 1796, Culpeper Co, VA
  Erik VIII KingP
  Ingegerdc,c,P born Abt 1001 died 1050, Kiev Ukraine Russia
  Olaf Kingc,P born Abt 970, Sweden died Between 1021 and 1022, Winter
  Aastridc,P born Abt 979, Sweden
  Amon DurhamC born Abt 1837, Green Co, KY died 28 Oct 1910
  Arthur BairdC born 20 May 1900, Larue, Kentucky died 18 Feb 1970
  DavidP born Abt 1705, Ireland
  E.D.c,c,P born 21 Sep 1838, Green Co., Kentucky died 30 Apr 1886
  ElizaC born Abt 1846, Green Co, KY
  EllenC born Abt 1843, Green Co, KY
  Etter Earlc,c,P born 4 Sep 1888, Larue, KY died 15 May 1934 (1938), <Woodlawn Cemetary>
  George C.C born 20 Jul 1798
  Henryc,P born Abt 1735, Ireland
  Henryc,c,p,P born 4 Sep 1800, Green Co., Kentucky died 27 May 1857, Taylor Co., Kentucky
  Henry Andrewc,c,P born 15 Nova862, Hardin, KY died 17 Oct 1927
  Henry AnthonyC born Abt 1841, Green Co, KY
  J. ArthurC born Abt 1834, Green Co., Kentucky
  James C.C born 20 Jan 1792
  James W.C born 1879, KY
  LucyC born Abt 1836, Green Co., Kentucky
  Lucy F.C born 1871, KY
  MaryC born Abt 1848, Green Co, KY
  Molly D.C born 1867, KY
  NancyC born Abt 1850, Taylor Co., Kentucky
  RebeccaC born Abt 1830, Green Co., Kentucky
  Williamc,c,P born 25 Oct 1766, PA died 27 Feb 1843, Green Co., Kentucky

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